Bali. The Father Wound. The Great Purge & New Horizons…

Rewind to February 2016 when I was guided by spirit to book a holiday on the tropical island of Bali. I had never planned to go there but was compelled to go into a travel agent and basically give them all my savings. I walked out of the agent with tickets and booking confirmations in my hands and I still had no idea what it was all about.

As I walked down the ramp to board the Garuda flight in June I told spirit I didn’t understand why I was doing this and was promptly told ‘just get on the bloody plane’. I felt sick for the whole flight to Bali but as soon as I put my feet on Balinese soil all those doubts and feelings disappeared. Never could I have understood at that time the changes that 10 day visit would make to my life.

3 events in Bali have changed my life.

Number one was seeing the Balian (Traditional Healer). He knew of my greatest wound and told me I was to heal the great scar upon my heart so I could move on with my life. Until I did that, nothing would change. I knew exactly what he meant and knew it was going to be a big job.

Number two was the reading I had with a lady in Ubud. She told me I was to go home and heal my father wound (the great scar), a prospect that was daunting to say the least and a bit spooky as I had been told the same thing that very morning. I had no idea how to do this and she told me I would find the way. I was furious that I had to do this again. She also told me not to move house or start anything new until I had healed that wound.

Number three was the purification ceremony and prayer that I did with my friend Made at Tirta Empul the day after my birthday. I released so much that day. I cleansed my soul and prayed for forgiveness and strength for what I was about to do.

Fast forward to September and my how things have changed.
Since the last Full Moon I have healed the father wound through the most unusual circumstances and today I gave notice to the real estate agents that I will be breaking my lease here in November. I have balanced the karma between my father and I, it’s time to move on. I will be in my new home by the end of this number 9 universal year and I can’t wait.

In between all of this my crazy neighbours have now become too much and I need to move.What happened last week was the final straw. The male was arrested after jumping the fence and going crazy in my back yard. He smashed up my stuff and was screaming like a maniac, completely out of control. He then jumped back over the fence and beat the hell out of his girlfriend. It was like a scene out of an episode of COPS, the only thing missing was the helicopter in the sky. People running amok, fighting in the street, the police sirens, it was all happening. Finally he was taken away, the girlfriend told to stay away for 48hrs.

Unfortunately they are back together in the house but they are very quiet and  I’m hoping it stays that way until I leave. We will see. I cannot stay here as its not safe for myself or my boys, I have 8 weeks to go.

I have released a great burden from my past and I now have a vision of the future. I look forward to new horizons and another trip to Bali ❤️ I’m going to have a chat to my spirit guides when I get back over to the other side and ask them to be more stern with my determined little soul . I’m learning enough big lessons to last me two lifetimes in this incarnation…

The sins of the Mother. Pain & Forgiveness…

Recently I did a very deep and emotional reading for a lovely lady… lets call her Jane.

As soon as I opened the door and said hello to Jane I knew she was in pain, not just emotionally but also physically. We had barely started talking and she started to cry so I knew there was a lot of unresolved emotion and I also felt anger within her. She began by talking about her mother (see a previous post about the mother wound that I wrote). Jane was very resentful and blamed her mother for everything that had gone wrong in her life, everything.

As she was talking to me I felt her mother step in. Spirits always stand around the bookcase where I keep my cards & books in the corner of my sitting room, always the same place. I felt a deep sadness in her mums soul and she began telling me about her life as Jane’s mum. Her childhood was awful & she never felt loved by either of her parents, particularly her mum (Jane’s Grandma) so there was a pattern here, a history of mother wounding. She gestured behind her and showed me the women going back through the years, I could see how differently they were dressed and it went back to early 19th century Europe. She told me this had been happening for many, many generations.

I understood this very well as I have been healing the mother wound for years. I began to explain to Jane the dynamics of what had been happening in her family for so long and she seemed to relax a little (and stop crying). When we are not mothered well how can we be expected to be a good mother ourselves? We may be the good enough mother who was there or an emotionally absent mother but still there physically but that still leaves a void, a mother wound.

When this goes so far back it can often come down to us to be the woman that has the rather challenging choice as to whether we step up and heal that generational mother wound or not. Jane is one of these women. It’s a weight to carry, make no mistake. I have done a lot of work on this wound and it is exhausting, at times emotionally crippling. I understand why some women never heal this wound, I really do but to do it is a blessing to all when you can heal your mothers. Rather than wading through the mud of the pasts of many women for most of your life.

My own mother was adopted and on a soul level faced darkness before she was born into this current life time. Her mother also faced judgement and ridicule due to the circumstances she found herself in when she was pregnant with my mother in the early 1940’s and it goes back further to Ireland. That wasn’t pleasant.

I explained much of this to Jane and I could see she understood what I was saying. Her mum spoke up and told Jane she was so sorry for the way she had been and the way she had treated Jane when she was a child. She was almost begging for forgiveness, I could feel how painful it was for her. Forgiveness is a big deal & some people are unable to forgive people from their past. That’s really ok. I was sure I would never forgive my mother but I did just that 5 years ago after working on it for many years. I completely let it go. I let her go. I was completely surprised at the sense of freedom I felt ans am so glad I achieved it.

Jane now had a deeper understanding about the complexity of her situation. It wasn’t as cut and dried as she had thought. We were both exhausted so I started to wrap things up and I can honestly say Jane looked 10 years younger. I gave her a big hug and suggested she work through her emotions to try to find some forgiveness and understanding in her heart, both for herself and her mother. I had a lie down and fell asleep for a while as I was worn out,  when I woke I started writing this down while it’s still fresh in my mind.

When we look at our mothers and our past with her remember there are generations behind her that we may not know anything about. Perhaps it would help to talk to her and ask her about her history & if she knows much about the women that came before her. We all carry parts of those women within us today and we owe it not only to ourselves but to those that came before us to try to forgive & heal ❤️❤️❤️

Release. Stepping into the Heart Space & Roses…

I did a beautiful session with a lady today, let’s call her Theresa

Theresa came to see me after a friend recommended me as she knew I was just the person Theresa needed to see. We started out with Numerology as I like to see where people are in the 9 year cycle. I then put out an extended Tarot Spread and told her the story of her life thus far through the pictures and symbolism of the cards. The mother card was highlighted so I asked her about her relationship with her Mum. She told me that her mother had passed away 29 years ago and that she had never been to her grave site since the funeral as it was too painful for her. As we were talking I felt her mother come through and she was quite a character. She told me to ask Theresa about the gold bangle & I could hear the sound like bangles jingling on someones wrist as they mover their arm. Theresa gave me the oddest look and told me her most prized possession she had when she was a kid was a gold bangle that her mother gave her when she was 10 years old. She loved that bangle and still had it 43 years later. I could see a sadness in her eyes and knew it was time to get her on the table in the healing room.

We went into the healing room and did a brief but very intense Healing. Her mum also came in and asked where her flowers were, Theresa broke down and let out the biggest sob I have ever heard. I felt the release from her heart chakra and told her she needed to go to her mothers grave and to take her some roses, this would be the next step in her healing. It was made so much easier by the fact that Theresa was open to everything that happened during the session and I got a bit emotional myself. I now knew that’s why she came to me. When Theresa was leaving she actually looked different, lighter, happier and this made me very happy.  

Just a few days later Theresa sent me a message telling me she had gone to her mothers grave along with doing a couple of other things that needed to be done to clear her past. She was very grateful and it filled my heart with joy to know I had helped her so much.

I am so blessed!

The Power of Love. Cleansing Tears & Healing of the Past…

I did a very powerful session with the nicest lady today, let’s call her Jane. She had been through a very difficult time over the last year or so and had been to see me once before so I knew a little about her. Jane was extremely emotional and overwrought as soon as she sat down so we spoke for a little while then I had slow things down and help her to calm herself before I could start the reading. There is no point trying to talk to or read for someone that is beside themselves as they won’t hear a thing you’re saying.

Once we got started it was very clear that her decisions from the past were haunting her and she had come to a cross roads in her current marriage. Her husband is being deceitful and manipulative so basically it’s time for him to go. We discussed different things and both of Jane’s parents came through from the other side to give her messages. They were very clear and straight to the point, especially her Mum. Now Jane had calmed down it was time to step into the healing room.

As soon as she was comfortable on the table I started receiving guidance about how I could help her. I placed crystals on and around her, sprayed clearing spray and put some oil on my hands and stood behind the bed holding her head in my hands. I was shown that she had (energetic) hooks in her back that needed to be removed so I started talking to her about who had put those hooks in her. I asked her to visualise herself standing in front of her and to look at her back to see what was there. She told me there were five hooks in her back and there was one big dark black hook that was buried deep inside the upper left hand side, behind her heart. I instantly seen what she was visualising and asked to her tell me who and where it had come from as I felt removing this hook was the most important thing to do in the healing. I told her to go ahead and try to remove this hook.

We were like that for a few minutes & I could see her struggling so I asked her how she was going. She started to cry and told me she wasn’t sure she could do it today. I reassured her that it was ok if she couldn’t do it, that we could do more work on it later. She took a big deep breath & all went quiet again. I could see her clenching her hands with tears running down the sides of her face as I held her in that space for a while. When I asked her again how she was going she told me to shut up and to let her keep doing what she was doing. OK…

Again I stood back and held her in silence. I could see her face start to change. Her mouth turned upwards, she stopped crying and her skin smoothed out to make her look younger. I could feel a weight lifting from her as she told me she had done it. I felt so happy for her and asked what kind of wound that hook had left. It was pretty nasty so we both visualised green healing light going into that space where that hook had been for the longest time. It was from her first husband many years ago, she had done it yay! She was so brave and I knew it was really hard for her but she did it! I told her she would need to keep healing the wound as it had been there a long time.

When Jane opened her eyes and looked at me I could see a change & a strong determination in them that was not there before. We had a chat about the next step and what is important now. We went back into the reading room where we had a big drink of water and I gave her some White Sage Tealights to take home with her. I walked her to the door where she started hugging and kissing me

I will follow up with her and help to keep her on track over the next 5 months until she gets through this next challenge. I’m so proud of her efforts today. It takes great courage to do what she did and it will serve her well.

The day the Angels came to visit. Healing power & Love…

I had a wonderful session with a lovely lady that was brought over to my place by her friend this morning. Let’s call her Anne.

Anne is blind so her friend drove her here for our session and her friend sat in my sitting room and chilled out while we got down to it in the reading room. Anne was very open to the reading which is the way to go. She told me she kind of ruined the last reading she had as she went into it with expectations and when those expectations weren’t met she tuned out and couldn’t remember much of what the reader had said.

We chatted mostly about her family and some challenges her husband had experienced many years ago that were affecting him now. She then started to tell me about the visions she has been having and how strong they were. I wasn’t surprised to hear that as I have heard of others that have gained a second sight once their eyesight had failed. I studied Tarot with a women that had just 10% of her vision and she was amazing!

Anne had been having prophetic visions that came true within months of her having them. Some were quite confrontational for her but as more came to pass she was slowly but surely accepting them as a part of who she is. The best thing was that she wasn’t frightened by them. We chatted a little more and moved into the healing room where I helped her up on to the table.

She told me she was having a funny feeling in her heart and I started to talk about what that meant for her. When I tuned in to her I felt that that top four Chakras needed some attention so I focused on balancing them. I was guided to give her a Celestine crystal to hold that I put into the room just a week or so ago. Celestine is the ‘Angel Crystal’ and personally I love it. I have a nice raw chunk next to my bed.

As I placed the crystal in her hand I seen a beautiful angel with big blue wings step in beside the table. He was magnificent  He started to talk to me & told me how much he loved Anne and that he was a special angel. He told me he had been with her since she was 38 years old, loving, guiding and protecting her. When I asked Anne what happened when she was 38 years old she told me that was when her sight deteriorated so much she could not drive or go out on her own anymore. So I told her about this special angel,  how much he loved and guided her through her life now. I looked down at her and she had the biggest smile on her face then she asked me ‘oh really, is he hot’? I just burst out laughing and so did she, I nearly fell over I was laughing so much

I told her I had never thought of angels as being hot hahaha but he was handsome and strong with the biggest, most beautiful blue wings. We had a bit more of a chat about crystals and I gave her a raw rose quartz chunk to help her heart chakra. I helped her back to the reading room where she asked me about the candles I was burning in that room & she bought herself a beautiful glass container heart chakra candle – perfect

Have I mentioned I love what I do?

The Soul Merge. Healing Others & Moving on up…

For the past 3 months I’ve been going through some weird shit, shit that even I (the neighbourhood weirdo) can’t explain.

I have been absolutely exhausted most of the time. Starting early January I couldn’t wake up in the morning. I was barely able to get up and let the boys out then I had to go back to bed again. As soon as I lay back down I’d drift off to some place, I wasn’t awake but I wasn’t asleep. Some days I’d be there for half an hour, some days 3 hours before I was conscious enough to get up and deal with the world. I could hardly work, I was confused, disorganised, scared to drive the car and had no motivation what so ever.

Before I moved to the Empress House I had no desire to be a healer, not at all, I was a Reader and I always sent people on to my friends that are healers. The only healing modality I had done was a crystal healing workshop which was fun and interesting but I’d never seen myself doing much with it. Now I understand that the powers that be have big plans for me. After talking to a couple of friends about what was going on with me I went to see my fabulous Shamanic Healer to see if she could help me either work out what was going on or to help me heal a part of myself that was out of whack. I was really concerned about the deep fatigue I was experiencing and thought I may have had a brain tumour or something due to the way my head was feeling.

As soon as I got to her office and we started talking she knew exactly what I was talking about. She had a bit of a chuckle and proceeded to tell me that I was going through an initiation called the soul merge, where you become a higher soul infused personality. Where you start to live your soul purpose and connect with your intuition and spiritual self like never before. I thought ‘OK that makes sense’. She then asked me am I going to get on with it or worry about how I was going to do what I needed to do. She told me I already knew how to heal people, I just had to remember it. Straight away my mind went back to a reading I had last November (before I moved) where the woman told me I was a High Priestess in Atlantis and that I used to heal everyone that came to me in the temple there. Riiiight….

So armed with this new knowledge I set off for home. A fairly straight forward 45 minute drive that I had done numerous times before. I kept thinking to myself ‘how am I supposed to do this’? I had no idea. Somewhere along the way I got lost and  I mean really badly lost. I had no idea where I was and ended up driving around for an extra 45kms trying to work out where I was. I was starting to get upset an very tired when I recognised a road so headed towards the Perth hills, then I knew where I was. I just kept driving until I was about 15kms from home and I was giving spirit a bit of stick about the whole situation asking them what am I supposed to do?

I stopped at some traffic lights about 10kms from home and I recall looking at the red lights when I heard a screech of tyres and a massive bang into the back of my car. I won’t tell you what I said but it was certainly colourful. As I got our of the car I was thinking the whole hatch would be caved in and all the dicking around I’d have to do to get it fixed. The guy that hit me was out of his car and looking worried! As I walked to the back of my car I couldn’t believe it, there was a small dent and I mean small & that was all the damage! I could not believe it. They guy was looking kind of amazed as well coz he hit me hard! I asked him wtf was he doing driving so fast when the lights were obviously red and he just kept falling over his words while I continued to look at my car.

We looked at each other, at the cars then at each other again, both in shock I think. He regained his composure and was apologising  asking me what I wanted to do. I told him not to worry about it, we had best be on our way. He kept thanking me as I took his rego number and drove off. As I got just a little ways down the road spirit told me that was the kick up the arse that I needed,to just get on with it. ‘Thanks a lot” I said to them, could you have been a bit more subtle about it? Over the next week I manage to borrow a massage table, they told me to set it up in the small room next to my reading room. Within 3 hours of setting the table up I had someone on it, I kid you not and there I am doing a healing!

Since then I have had numerous people on that table and everybody is more than pleased with the results. They are recommending their friends come and see me along with sending me messages to tell me of how much I have helps them. Even I am amazed at the work I am doing in that special little space. I don’t know what’s going to happen until we get into that little room when I place my hands on the person on the table. As soon as I touch them I’m connected to spirit and they work their magic through me. They told me today I am an energy healer and I help to clear blockages in people so they can move on with their lives. I work with whatever I feel I need, through visualisation and heart chakra energy.

Since I have started doing this work there has been a few more times where I can’t wake up and also been having dizzy spells where I have to lie down right there and then and go into that weird place again where I’m not awake but not asleep. It happened again this afternoon. All I’ve done today is make some candles and have a bath. That’s all I could manage. Sometimes I was aware of noises around me sometimes not. I have now come to understand that these are download and I just have to go with it. They are important and so deep that my conscious mind has to be tuned out so I can accept the information coming in for me.

I have accepted this is my path now, there no use fighting it as spirit just bosses me round and makes weird things happen. I am going to study Shamanic practices later this year as there a few things I would like to include in the healings I do.

This is my way forward…

Rescue Dogs. Puppy Love & the Healing Paw…

My favourite Pig is also known as the healing paw 🐾

He knows when people need help and is such a wise little soul. He is also the happiest little dog I’ve ever seen. He gets so excited every morning when I let them out and dances around me, when I pat him he always licks my hand. I adore him and can see how much he loves me by the way he looks at me. I’m so blessed that I get to be his Mama

When I first looked online for a dog I seen HOS at the rescue shelter. When I seen his little face I knew I had to go and get him so I rang the no kill shelter to make an appointment to go and meet him.
When I got to the shelter and spoke to the woman she told me that HOS was in bad shape and was damaged due to how he had been treated, he was 9 months old. I told her I understood. She then asked me if I knew that he had a little brother? 😳 Ummmm no I didn’t. Porky Pig was the little brother.

She told me to go and meet them and see how I felt. She said I didn’t have to take both of them but they would really like it if I did as they only had each other and when the Ranger went in to rescue them from the yard he noticed how protective they were of each other. When I met them I knew there was no doubt that I had to take them both home with me.

For the first 6 months it was really hard as they were pretty feral but after I socialised them at the dog park and took them to puppy school a couple of times they settled down and are the best companions I could ever have. They are all I have, they are my family as I don’t have a human family… I love them with all my heart!