Trying To Understand Why I Struggle When Others Tell Me I Am Strong

A Broken Blue Sky


If someone has a fear of public speaking and then finds the courage to do so, that is strength

If you lose your leg and wearing a prosthesis, run a marathon, that is strength and grit

If you have a fear of flying and overcome that fear and travel anyway, that is courage and strength

If you suffer trauma that has never been validated, NEVER, and you are forced to appear outwardly okay in order to feel accepted; and if you ever did let your emotions show you got hurt further and abused more…

And when this happened so much that the facade became automatic and all the while you are dying inside, living an emotionally tortured life…

This is NOT strength, this is survival!

We would never say to someone who just lost their child or their spouse, “You look great, I am glad to see you are doing…

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