August Tarotscopes…

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🌕 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, August 7th. Release & let go 🌕

🌑 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo,  August 21st. Manifestion & beginnings 🌑




Aries ♈️

This month sees great change for you Aries & it’s about time. People & events have changed in your life & you may not have realised how much. This is a good thing as it will help you to take the steps you need to move forward. Be confident in your decisions & if you feel confused step back & look at the higher picture, there may be details that you miss if you rush in. You have a deep inner wisdom that you don’t always trust & August will bring things up to make you delve into that trust & to believe in it. After the eclipse season is over you will see & feel a rebirth in yourself & your plans. Your goals will change somewhat & this is a good thing. Wait until after the 27th to put things into motion.


Taurus ♉️

August is a good month for you Taurus & there is a strong feeling of release & growth happening for you. Some issues from the past that you have been carrying for a long time will be put to rest & you will feel them lighten as you release during the eclipse season. There may be one thing that you can’t quite let go of yet but that’s ok, you have done well up to this point. I suggest practicing forgiveness on the Full Moon by writing on a piece of paper what you would like to release, praying to the moon while electing go of the emotions you hold & burning the paper. By doing this you will free up space in your heart for beautiful emotions to enter it. Watch for signs on your path as they will show you the right way to go.


Gemini ♊️

Dear Gemini… this will be a powerful month for you as old hurts & unresolved isssues will come up for you, do not despair as this is a good thing. You are being given an opportunity to let go of a lot of old crap that you’ve been working on for a few years. Some of this will be painful but please remember the pain is temporary & once you have sorted it out that will be it. You have carried your heavy heart for too long. Be sure to observe the rituals for both the Full & New Moons as this will help you in a big way. By the end of the month you will be in a space where you will see & feel in a different way, a feeling of freedom, at last. Focus on self love & nurture & do something nice for yourself, something with meaning to mark the end of a period of great growth.


Cancer ♋️

Cancer you may find yourself walking away from people this month as you begin to see & acknowledge the truth of their words & actions. If this feels familiar it’s because it is & there is an important life lesson in this for you. Don’t feel bad as you have such gentle heart & people will take advantage of this. Dust yourself off & move forward, lesson learned. Don’t allow your thoughts to overwhelm you, it’s ok to acnnowledgs the thought & let it slip quietly form your mind, after all it’s only a thought. You will also be learning or polishing your skills towards the end of the month & may develop a new hobby or interest that will inspire you. If you are thinking about a new job wait until after September 5th when Mercury is no longer retrograde.


Leo ♌️

This month may test you my fiery friends so be sure to keep that temper in check. You would also do well to mind how you speak to others as a sudden outburst (even though it may be the truth) will prove difficult to take back & may end a partnership or friendship. I feel the 9th is an important a day for you so mark it on your calendar. After the full moon you will be inspired to try new things & to branch out into new interests. Perhaps you will start a sport or do something physical that will channel your strong energy into something good. Be sure to take good care of yourself & eat well, your diet is important now so be aware of what you are eating & drinking. Happy Birthday! 


Virgo ♍️

You may feel quite emotional this month Virgo, especially around the time of the Full Moon. Do you have regrets about choices you made in the past or perhaps wish things had been different? Well it’s time to let those feelings go & forgive yourself & others involved. Look at what you do have in your life rather than what you don’t have, this will help you to focus on more positive things & put a smile on your face. Send love to the people & situations from your past & look towards the future. There are good times ahead. You will appreciate the simple things & live a life of abundance that will bring joy much joy. What you have learned through your own experiences will help you to advise & guide others. All is well…


Libra ♎️

Trusting your intuition & awareness is important this month Librans. You will receive strong messages about people & situations so be sure to listen to the inner voice. Be aware of people that may not have your best interests at heart & may indeed try to deceive you. Be careful around money & property issues & don’t lend anyone money. There will be an important decision towards the end of the month & you will consult your partner or a good friend in this matter. I feel you will be planning a trip or thinking about going somewhere exotic in the future & now is a good time to make plans. Make your intention clear & the universe will help you to make it happen, be bold!


Scorpio ♏️

Money will be highlighted this month Scorpios & you may find yourself juggling things or working out ways to make ends meet. You may find yourself with a big bill or unexpected expense to pay & having to work out how to pay it. Be creative & get help if you need to & all will be well. I feel you have been making plans to start something new. You may not feel confident about it right now but don’t underestimate yourself as you have many talents that you don’t embrace or trust within yourself, these can help you greatly. If you have been thinking about learning something or returning to study this is a good time to do that as you will be focused & able to accomplish what you set out to do. Get creative!


Sagittarius ♐️

Take time to consider things this month Sagi’s, take a step back rather that forward &  don’t rush into things before you think about them. Being impetuous will not serve you well so calm yourself! There is a situation that has been troubling you for a while & it’s time to surrender to the truth of it & accept there is nothing you can do to change the way things are. By doing this you will free yourself of the thoughts & stress that go along with it. It doesn’t mean you agree with it, rather it’s an acceptance & release of the need to control the outcome of the situation. It will also release others involved & allow events to play out as they are meant to. There is a karmic feel around this so it’s meant to happen. Trust this is right for you.


Capricorn ♑️

A firm foundation & structure are important for you now Capricorns. If this has been missing in your life know that it will be restored. I feel balancing things has been quiet a challenge so far this year & you have spent a lot of time & energy helping others as well as looking at your own needs. This balance will be brought back as the Eclipse season comes to an end & after Mercury finishes the retrograde. Be patient with yourself & others as the energies of this month will affect everyone in some way. There will be an abrupt ending with something & also a lovely new beginning. You will hear some much needed good news by the end of the month that will give you the encouragement you need to achieve your goals. Don’t be discouraged & keep your eye on the prize.


Aquarius ♒️

You may find yourself having to stand up for yourself or those closest to you this month Aquarius. You will be the voice for those that can’t speak for themselves. You have a great inner strength & are tougher than you give yourself credit for so don’t be afraid to step up. You may have legal dealings in some way as well but know that they will have a positive result. After the full moon you will be dealing with affairs of the heart & will be looking after or helping people, your generosity of spirit will make all the difference so extend the help that is needed. You will be rewarded for your selflessness later in the year. This will come me form an unexpected source & being you great joy.


Pisces ♓️

Take it easy on yourself this month Pisces & allow things to unfold as they will. You don’t have to force things to happen as they are unfolding as they are meant to. Some things take longer than others to come to fruition so be patient. It’s important that you find a good balance between your deep inner world & the practical outer world. Money will be highlighted & I feel you will receive a windfall, or unexpected help that will make life easier. Be sure to do a release on the Full Moon on the 7th, this is especially important for you as you carry a heavy emotional load most of the time. Let go of your fears & know that you are safe & protected at all times. You have people around you that love you very much, allow them to support you.


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