June Tarotscopes..

These Tarotscopes are based on your Sun Sign but be sure to read your Moon & Ascendant sign as well!

Aries ♈️June will be a busy month for the first sign of the zodiac. You may find yourself juggling a lot of things, particularly finances. Be sure to keep your eye on where your money is going as it may just slip through your fingers. There will also be issues around family that you will need to pay attention to, you may have to support them emotionally with a problem they are dealing with. Be compassionate & be a good listener, it will make all the difference to them. Your energy will be good so you will be able to deal with whatever happens.


Taurus ♉️

For the Bull it’s important to not rush into things this month. You’re used to taking it slowly so be sure to do just that! You will have to be patient with a couple of people in your life as they may try to rush around & get you involved in that rushing but don’t get caught up in the chaos of others. Keep yourself grounded & pay attention to details so you don’t miss something important. Be sure to pay attention to messages from your intuition & watch for signs that will point you in the right direction.



For you dear Gemini June will bring change. It’s time to look at things from a different point of view & to let go of some outdated beliefs & ways of dealing with things in your life. What needs to change for you to be happy? Once you make these changes you will feel much lighter & be able to communicate your needs in a clearer way. Be sure to use your intuition & intellect to solve problems & get answers. Sometimes those answers are right in front of us or indeed within us so don’t look too far for those answers.


Cancer ♋️

You will find yourself getting organised & putting plans into place this month crabby folk so be sure to have all the details before you set them in stone. Trust that you have all the resources required to accomplish your goals. There may be changes in your home, you may move or renovate & these changes will be welcome. Whatever happens there will be a need to leave a part of your past behind & this will be an energetic thing as well as a physical thing. Doing a release on the full moon will serve you well.


Leo ♌️

There is great movement for you this month Leo’s & if you have been waiting for the right time to move forward, this is it. The ideas you have been working on are brilliant so get them out there. Trust your heart & know things will work out well. There will be a very energetic person that can help you with your ideas so get them on board as too. I feel the support from them will serve you well. It’s a great time to be adventurous & daring but we know you’re good at that anyway. Enjoy the energy of June & be at your best.


Virgo ♍️

Sometimes life gets us down & you dear Virgo have been feeling this keenly. Please know that you have great support around you in the people you are close to & the universe is also helping you. Try to direct your thoughts to what you do have rather than what you don’t have, this will tip the balance back the other way. I feel there will be an issue come up around your job or your study so be aware of this. It can be sorted easily enough by good decision making & being practical about the outcome you desire. Stay grounded.


Libra ♎️

There will be a time this month when you will need to stand up & speak your truth Librans. Do this with diplomacy & be sure to keep anger out of it as that will not help at all. I feel you will be tested as this issue has come up before but now it’s time to get it sorted. Step back before you speak & watch the other persons body language. Sometimes we have no choice but to make a stand for what we believe is right & risk judgement or disapproval from others. As long as you act with honesty & integrity it will work out fine.


Scorpio ♏️

You may be called upon to provide leadership this month Scorpio, whether it’s in your job or within your family. I feel you will bring things to an end & look at ways to move forward at the same time, it’s like something must be let go of to make space for something new. This is very exciting & you are more than able to make this happen so don’t doubt yourself. Others will have their opinions & that’s fine, take their suggestions on board as your decisions will affect them too. Confidence is the key.


Sagittarius ♐️

You will be dealing with some relationships that are very close to your heart this month Sagi. It’s important that you feel into them & are honest with your emotions. Some truth may need to be spoken but that’s good as it will clear the air. You may find your love relationship deepening or perhaps someone new will catch your eye. If you have been single for a while this is a good thing. Maintaining balance is also very important so be sure to keep things in check rather allowing them to get on top of you.


Capricorn ♑️

You may find yourself having to deal with emotions & unresolved issues from your past this month Capricorn. Deep emotion is indicated here & looking at them again may upset you but it’s time you did so. If there is something you need to say to someone that will help you to clear your conscience then do it. It’s about you & what you must do to heal & integrate that experience into your soul. There is a karmic feel about this so it will bring about great change, this is a good thing & you will be able to see that once the dust has cleared.


Aquarius ♒️

A very positive month is in store for you Aquarius so jump on board. It’s time to get creative & imaginative. There is a feeling of freedom so don’t be afraid to try new things & be daring. Look for new experiences & do something you have never done before. What have you been holding back from doing? Do that! Money & family will also play a big part in your life this month. If you don’t have a savings account, start one & have a fabulous holiday, plan to go somewhere you have never been. Be adventurous & make the dream a reality.


Pisces ♓️

If you are feeling disheartened dear Pisces please know that you are a lot stronger than you think you are & you can get through the challenges in your life right now. Take what you need from the recent lessons & leave the rest behind. A time of peace & calm is on front of you so keep moving forward. There is no need to rush, take your time as what is awaiting you will be there. I feel some healing would serve you well & help you to regain balance of your emotions. A period of quiet will take you to the next step.