Entering the murky depths. Healing and finding the Key…


Today I did a healing exchange with a friend. Let’s call her Maggie…

I knew it was going to be all about the heart chakra but I also had a pleasant surprise. To start with I placed crystals on and around her and got an essential oil I knew would help. I put one hand on her heart and one on her arm, placing my hands on the person I’m healing gives me an instant connection to spirit. Straight away I could see that not only had Maggie closed her heart and thrown away the key but that she had also built a big dark wooden door around her heart to protect it. The door was huge and heavy with brass fittings and it was firmly locked, and the key to that door had also been thrown away. Far away.

I began to tell her what what I was visualising and she kept nodding her head. I spoke about finding the keys to unlock that door as that had to be opened first before she could get anywhere near her heart. As she started to tell me about the time she threw that key away, long ago I received a very clear picture in minds eye. I had been to Maggie’s house a few years ago to do a clearing on it when she moved in so was familiar with it. I was shown the river over from her house and the little jetty that juts out over the river directly across from her front yard.

Spirit very clearly told me she was to go and sit on that jetty every day for a week. To sit there at the same time every afternoon and put her feet in the water. As Maggie sat there she was to release her sadness into the water while at the same time drawing up the energy of that free flowing water into her heart. Draw up the richness from the fertile bottom of the river where the mud is dark and full of life and use that in her healing. I told her the time she spent there would be different every day and she was to go back home when the time felt right. She assured me she would do this for a week.

I then had one of the most beautiful visions I’ve ever had. I could see a water sprite, it was waiting on the jetty for Maggie and was going to help her heal. The little sprite was so happy and kept spraying water around while she was talking to me. She told she that Maggie was to take a little offering and leave it on the jetty every day. It didn’t have to be something fancy, rather it had to be pretty and colourful. I asked Maggie what she had been creating recently and she told me of some craft ideas she had and that she had been cooking a lot especially cakes. The water sprite got excited and asked for something colourful to be placed on the jetty with some cake in it. This would ensure that the sprite would help Maggie with her heart and emotional healing and also appease whatever other energies were in that place. Cake is a universal healer 😊

The next thing I noticed was that I could feel Maggies heart beating stronger than when she had first laid down on the table. I was so pleased. I asked Maggie to take some big deep breaths and to blow out the pain on every exhale. As she slowly came back to the real world she told me that she felt much lighter and was looking forward to heading over to the jetty to start the work of unlocking her broken heart.


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