The Spirtual Path. Heartbreak and Ressurection…

Today is a most auspicious day and the most important anniversary of my life. On this day 20 years ago I was dragged kicking and screaming and thrust onto my spiritual path, there was no turning back, there was no denying it. I had no choice, it was time…

I had been side tracked before but now the universe ensured all the old structures and beliefs that had got me to 32 years of age were broken down. Within six weeks I lost my ten year relationship, my ten year career and I walked away from my very toxic birth family for good. I was broken, lost, rudderless and emotionally bereft. I was sure I was having a breakdown and in a way I was, what I didn’t realise was I was being reborn and being set on a path that would change not only me but everything I believed in. I pawned some jewellery and bought a bus ticket, that ticket got me on a bus where I made my way across to the other side of the country. When I arrived in Perth I had one bag and $17 in my pocket.

Within a month I had a job in a bar and was making some friends but I was extremely unhappy and started drinking heavily. I wasn’t able to deal with the emotional pain I was experiencing so I was doing what I could to ease that pain. I stumbled through life in this way for about 6 months & then I started using drugs. That took me down a very bad road and sidetracked me for a while until one day I received a very strong message in my drug addled head that told me if I didn’t stop using the drugs something really bad was going to happen to me. That scared me enough to seek help. So I went through the process of drying out whilst attending a clinic twice a week and undergoing intense psychotherapy to deal with my past, when I stopped using my whole hideous past came back in a blinding flash and it was ugly!

Just a few short months later I found myself sitting in a womans lounge room as a friend had talked me into signing up to do a Tarot course she taught from her home. I had no idea why I was there. I knew nothing about Tarot and had only ever had one reading that quite frankly scared the shit out of me. So here I am staring at five people I had never met in my life, feeling like a fish out of water and this calm feeling comes over me, I start to cry and a voice in my head told me it was ok and that I had come home. How right that voice was!

I took to the Tarot like my life depended on it and at that time it did. Those magical cards guided me though the next eighteen months of challenges and helped me to make my way in the world. After the Tarot Course I signed up to learn two years of Astrolgy with the same teacher. My teacher signed me up for my first Psychic Fair and told me about it two weeks before it was on. She told me she knew I was a natural and she had never had a student like me before. Aaaaargh how was I going to do this? She told me that she believed in me, the first time anybody had ever said those words to me, so I did it. I did it because she believed enough in me that I started to believe in myself. I have never looked back since that Fair.

Now I find myself two decades on, as the teacher, the guide, the wise woman who helps others as I was helped so many years ago. These years have not been easy, not at all but they have been extremely rewarding. Somehow I managed to bring myself back from the grips of a drug addiction that could have taken my life and I turned my life around. I have experienced great adversity as well as struggled to deal with the aftermath of a terrible childhood that has scarred me deeply. I have the most amazing job and my abilities help all that come in contact with me.

This way of life is not my work, it is who I am. I did not choose this way of life, it chose me. I cannot deny this is my calling and I understand why I am here. As I progress through each stage of my spiritual evolution my life becomes richer and brighter. I value all the people I have met on my journey and give thanks to those that gave me the greatest pain as they helped me experience the greatest growth. My Grandma Martha and my Irish ancestors played a huge part in my recent lessons and movement and it gives me great joy to know they are with me now.

I look forward to the next twenty years 💛



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