The Soul Merge. Healing Others & Moving on up…

For the past 3 months I’ve been going through some weird shit, shit that even I (the neighbourhood weirdo) can’t explain.

I have been absolutely exhausted most of the time. Starting early January I couldn’t wake up in the morning. I was barely able to get up and let the boys out then I had to go back to bed again. As soon as I lay back down I’d drift off to some place, I wasn’t awake but I wasn’t asleep. Some days I’d be there for half an hour, some days 3 hours before I was conscious enough to get up and deal with the world. I could hardly work, I was confused, disorganised, scared to drive the car and had no motivation what so ever.

Before I moved to the Empress House I had no desire to be a healer, not at all, I was a Reader and I always sent people on to my friends that are healers. The only healing modality I had done was a crystal healing workshop which was fun and interesting but I’d never seen myself doing much with it. Now I understand that the powers that be have big plans for me. After talking to a couple of friends about what was going on with me I went to see my fabulous Shamanic Healer to see if she could help me either work out what was going on or to help me heal a part of myself that was out of whack. I was really concerned about the deep fatigue I was experiencing and thought I may have had a brain tumour or something due to the way my head was feeling.

As soon as I got to her office and we started talking she knew exactly what I was talking about. She had a bit of a chuckle and proceeded to tell me that I was going through an initiation called the soul merge, where you become a higher soul infused personality. Where you start to live your soul purpose and connect with your intuition and spiritual self like never before. I thought ‘OK that makes sense’. She then asked me am I going to get on with it or worry about how I was going to do what I needed to do. She told me I already knew how to heal people, I just had to remember it. Straight away my mind went back to a reading I had last November (before I moved) where the woman told me I was a High Priestess in Atlantis and that I used to heal everyone that came to me in the temple there. Riiiight….

So armed with this new knowledge I set off for home. A fairly straight forward 45 minute drive that I had done numerous times before. I kept thinking to myself ‘how am I supposed to do this’? I had no idea. Somewhere along the way I got lost and  I mean really badly lost. I had no idea where I was and ended up driving around for an extra 45kms trying to work out where I was. I was starting to get upset an very tired when I recognised a road so headed towards the Perth hills, then I knew where I was. I just kept driving until I was about 15kms from home and I was giving spirit a bit of stick about the whole situation asking them what am I supposed to do?

I stopped at some traffic lights about 10kms from home and I recall looking at the red lights when I heard a screech of tyres and a massive bang into the back of my car. I won’t tell you what I said but it was certainly colourful. As I got our of the car I was thinking the whole hatch would be caved in and all the dicking around I’d have to do to get it fixed. The guy that hit me was out of his car and looking worried! As I walked to the back of my car I couldn’t believe it, there was a small dent and I mean small & that was all the damage! I could not believe it. They guy was looking kind of amazed as well coz he hit me hard! I asked him wtf was he doing driving so fast when the lights were obviously red and he just kept falling over his words while I continued to look at my car.

We looked at each other, at the cars then at each other again, both in shock I think. He regained his composure and was apologising  asking me what I wanted to do. I told him not to worry about it, we had best be on our way. He kept thanking me as I took his rego number and drove off. As I got just a little ways down the road spirit told me that was the kick up the arse that I needed,to just get on with it. ‘Thanks a lot” I said to them, could you have been a bit more subtle about it? Over the next week I manage to borrow a massage table, they told me to set it up in the small room next to my reading room. Within 3 hours of setting the table up I had someone on it, I kid you not and there I am doing a healing!

Since then I have had numerous people on that table and everybody is more than pleased with the results. They are recommending their friends come and see me along with sending me messages to tell me of how much I have helps them. Even I am amazed at the work I am doing in that special little space. I don’t know what’s going to happen until we get into that little room when I place my hands on the person on the table. As soon as I touch them I’m connected to spirit and they work their magic through me. They told me today I am an energy healer and I help to clear blockages in people so they can move on with their lives. I work with whatever I feel I need, through visualisation and heart chakra energy.

Since I have started doing this work there has been a few more times where I can’t wake up and also been having dizzy spells where I have to lie down right there and then and go into that weird place again where I’m not awake but not asleep. It happened again this afternoon. All I’ve done today is make some candles and have a bath. That’s all I could manage. Sometimes I was aware of noises around me sometimes not. I have now come to understand that these are download and I just have to go with it. They are important and so deep that my conscious mind has to be tuned out so I can accept the information coming in for me.

I have accepted this is my path now, there no use fighting it as spirit just bosses me round and makes weird things happen. I am going to study Shamanic practices later this year as there a few things I would like to include in the healings I do.

This is my way forward…


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