The Power of Love. Cleansing Tears & Healing of the Past…

Earlier today I did a very powerful session with the nicest lady today, let’s call her Jane. She had been through a very difficult time over the last year or so and had been to see me once before so I knew a little about her. Jane was extremely emotional and overwrought as soon as she sat down so we spoke for a little while then I had slow things down and help her to calm herself before I could start the reading. There is no point trying to talk to or read for someone that is beside themselves as they won’t hear a thing you’re saying.

Once we got started it was very clear that her decisions from the past were haunting her and she had come to a cross roads in her current marriage. Her husband is being deceitful and manipulative so basically it’s time for him to go. We discussed different things and both of Jane’s parents came through from the other side to give her messages. They were very clear and straight to the point, especially her Mum. Now Jane had calmed down it was time to step into the healing room.

As soon as she was comfortable on the table I started receiving guidance about how I could help her. I placed crystals on and around her, sprayed clearing spray and put some oil on my hands and stood behind the bed holding her head in my hands. I was shown that she had (energetic) hooks in her back that needed to be removed so I started talking to her about who had put those hooks in her. I asked her to visualise herself standing in front of her and to look at her back to see what was there. She told me there were five hooks in her back and there was one big dark black hook that was buried deep inside the upper left hand side, behind her heart. I instantly seen what she was visualising and asked to her tell me who and where it had come from as I felt removing this hook was the most important thing to do in the healing. I told her to go ahead and try to remove this hook.

We were like that for a few minutes and I could see her struggling so I asked her how she was going. She started to cry and told me she wasn’t sure she could do it today. I reassured her that it was ok if she couldn’t do it, that we could do more work on it later. She took a big deep breath and all went quiet again. I could see her clenching her hands with tears running down the sides of her face as I held her in that space for a while. When I asked her again how she was going she told me to shut up and to let her keep doing what she was doing. OK…

Again I stood back and held her in silence. I could see her face start to change. Her mouth turned upwards, she stopped crying and her skin smoothed out to make her look younger. I could feel a weight lifting from her as she told me she had done it. I felt so happy for her and asked what kind of wound that hook had left. It was pretty nasty so we both visualised green healing light going into that space where that hook had been for the longest time. It was from her first husband many years ago, she had done it, yay! She was so brave and I knew it was really hard for her but she did it! I told her she would need to keep healing the wound as it had been there a long time.

When Jane opened her eyes and looked at me I could see a change and a strong determination in them that was not there before. We had a chat about the next step and what is important now. We went back into the reading room where we had a big drink of water and I gave her some White Sage Tealights to take home with her. I walked her to the door where she started hugging and kissing me

I will follow up with her and help to keep her on track over the next 5 months until she gets through this next challenge. I’m so proud of her efforts today. It takes great courage to do what she did and it will serve her well.


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