The day the Angels came to visit. Healing power & Love…

I had a wonderful session with a lovely lady that was brought over to my place by her friend this morning. Let’s call her Anne.

Anne is blind so her friend drove her here for our session and her friend sat in my sitting room and chilled out while we got down to it in the reading room. Anne was very open to the reading which is the way to go. She told me she kind of ruined the last reading she had as she went into it with expectations and when those expectations weren’t met she tuned out and couldn’t remember much of what the reader had said.

We chatted mostly about her family and some challenges her husband had experienced many years ago that were affecting him now. She then started to tell me about the visions she has been having and how strong they were. I wasn’t surprised to hear that as I have heard of others that have gained a second sight once their eyesight had failed. I studied Tarot with a women that had just 10% of her vision and she was amazing!

Anne had been having prophetic visions that came true within months of her having them. Some were quite confrontational for her but as more came to pass she was slowly but surely accepting them as a part of who she is. The best thing was that she wasn’t frightened by them. We chatted a little more and moved into the healing room where I helped her up on to the table.

She told me she was having a funny feeling in her heart and I started to talk about what that meant for her. When I tuned in to her I felt that that top four Chakras needed some attention so I focused on balancing them. I was guided to give her a Celestine crystal to hold that I put into the room just a week or so ago. Celestine is the ‘Angel Crystal’ and personally I love it. I have a nice raw chunk next to my bed.

As I placed the crystal in her hand I seen a beautiful angel with big blue wings step in beside the table. He was magnificent  He started to talk to me & told me how much he loved Anne and that he was a special angel. He told me he had been with her since she was 38 years old, loving, guiding and protecting her. When I asked Anne what happened when she was 38 years old she told me that was when her sight deteriorated so much she could not drive or go out on her own anymore. So I told her about this special angel,  how much he loved and guided her through her life now. I looked down at her and she had the biggest smile on her face then she asked me ‘oh really, is he hot’? I just burst out laughing and so did she, I nearly fell over I was laughing so much

I told her I had never thought of angels as being hot hahaha but he was handsome and strong with the biggest, most beautiful blue wings. We had a bit more of a chat about crystals and I gave her a raw rose quartz chunk to help her heart chakra. I helped her back to the reading room where she asked me about the candles I was burning in that room & she bought herself a beautiful glass container heart chakra candle – perfect

Have I mentioned I love what I do?


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