Rescue Dogs. Puppy Love & the Healing Paw…

My favourite Pig is also known as the healing paw 🐾

He knows when people need help and is such a wise little soul. He is also the happiest little dog I’ve ever seen. He gets so excited every morning when I let them out and dances around me, when I pat him he always licks my hand. I adore him and can see how much he loves me by the way he looks at me. I’m so blessed that I get to be his Mama

When I first looked online for a dog I seen HOS at the rescue shelter. When I seen his little face I knew I had to go and get him so I rang the no kill shelter to make an appointment to go and meet him.
When I got to the shelter and spoke to the woman she told me that HOS was in bad shape and was damaged due to how he had been treated, he was 9 months old. I told her I understood. She then asked me if I knew that he had a little brother? 😳 Ummmm no I didn’t. Porky Pig was the little brother.

She told me to go and meet them and see how I felt. She said I didn’t have to take both of them but they would really like it if I did as they only had each other and when the Ranger went in to rescue them from the yard he noticed how protective they were of each other. When I met them I knew there was no doubt that I had to take them both home with me.

For the first 6 months it was really hard as they were pretty feral but after I socialised them at the dog park and took them to puppy school a couple of times they settled down and are the best companions I could ever have. They are all I have, they are my family as I don’t have a human family… I love them with all my heart!


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