Release. Stepping into the Heart Space & Roses…

I did a beautiful session with a lady today, let’s call her Theresa


Theresa came to see me after a friend recommended me as she knew I was just the person Theresa needed to see. We started out with Numerology as I like to see where people are in the 9 year cycle. I then put out an extended Tarot Spread and told her the story of her life thus far through the pictures and symbolism of the cards. The mother card was highlighted so I asked her about her relationship with her Mum. She told me that her mother had passed away 29 years ago and that she had never been to her grave site since the funeral as it was too painful for her. As we were talking I felt her mother come through and she was quite a character. She told me to ask Theresa about the gold bangle & I could hear the sound like bangles jingling on someones wrist as they mover their arm. Theresa gave me the oddest look and told me her most prized possession she had when she was a kid was a gold bangle that her mother gave her when she was 10 years old. She loved that bangle and still had it 43 years later. I could see a sadness in her eyes and knew it was time to get her on the table in the healing room.

We went into the healing room and did a brief but very intense Healing. Her mum also came in and asked where her flowers were, Theresa broke down and let out the biggest sob I have ever heard. I felt the release from her heart chakra and told her she needed to go to her mothers grave and to take her some roses, this would be the next step in her healing. It was made so much easier by the fact that Theresa was open to everything that happened during the session and I got a bit emotional myself. I now knew that’s why she came to me. When Theresa was leaving she actually looked different, lighter, happier and this made me very happy.  

Just a few days later Theresa sent me a message telling me she had gone to her mothers grave along with doing a couple of other things that needed to be done to clear her past. She was very grateful and it filled my heart with joy to know I had helped her so much.

I am so blessed!


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