Healing the past. Heart Chakra business & help from an Angel…

Yesterday I did a follow up healing for a regular client, Megan. The last time Megan came to see me we did a deep healing around a past relationship and her heart chakra. She had previously had a tumultuous relationship with a man for around 9 years that still weighed on her heart and was also preventing her being able to open her heart to any man. It had been 16 years since she had broken up with that man so this was an old wound that needed to be healed..

After we did the heart chakra session at the end of January Megan was totally focused on healing her past and moving forward. She was so intent on it that she bought herself a journal and went to her home town, where the relationship took place. There she started to write, she kept writing until there was nothing left to write. She put all of her pain of the past in that journal and under the full moon the following night she burned all the pages she had written on and visualised the man and all the years she spent with him being released from her heart while she poured forgiveness into the ritual. After the moon ritual she was exhausted for the next 3 days then had a big shift and her energy returned. She told me she could feel that her heart was lighter and that she had finally done what had needed to be done for the longest time! She was free!

Yesterday when she laid on the table I could feel the difference in her energy and knew it was going to be an easy session. I could feel how strong she was and I focused on her Sacral Chakra. We had a chat about what that meant to her and I encouraged her to embrace that energy. To wear orange clothes, get a piece of jewellery with carnelian in it, to get creative. I then did some grounding on her and also smudged her as I felt she needed cleansing. I firmly held her feet as I stood at the foot of the bed. I could feel my feet being drawn into the carpet in the healing room. We stayed in that place of silence for some time.

When I finished what I was doing I told her to take a few deep breaths. She opened her eyes and started to tell me that she had experienced a wonderful visualisation when I was holding her feet. She told me she had visualised a shadow standing behind me but she couldn’t see a face. As she was trying to focus on her vision a huge pair of white wings unfolded behind me and she seen the gentle face of a male angel. She told me seeing him had given her great hope and a sense of calm. It gave me a great big smile.

I’ve never been a big angel person but that has all changed since I started healing as that’s the third time I have had the presence of angels in my healing room. I’m so grateful for their presence. It fills me with great joy to know I have them by my side.

I am so blessed!



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