Broken Promises. Broken Lives and Broken Hearts…

This is a cute photo from 1969, the children are so young and innocent. Full of love and happiness. They have a belief that life is good and they will be cherished and taken care of.

This photo of my brother, sister and I is the only one I have of us all together. The only emotion I feel when I look at this photo is sadness, a deep sadness I will never recover from. They are three precious little souls who never had a chance at a normal childhood, three beautiful children that are haunted by their childhood into their middle age. Three innocent babies that are so damaged they are unable to have a relationship with their parents or each other.

I miss my sister dearly. We slept in the same bedroom for 15 years, we grew up together, we shared our things with each other. I loved her so much and we had the best time. I helped her to escape my parents when I was able to and she flourished once she was free but her pain is harder to bare than mine. My brother is so sad and there is nothing I can do to help him. He is too wounded and closed off. We live in the same state but have had no contact for two decades.

Love & cherish your brothers and sisters, they are such a wonderful part of your life and nobody knows you like they do.

Tonight I will pray and send all my love to my brother and sister as the end of another year without them in my life comes to pass.

Darryl and Jenny ❤❤


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