Past Lives. Healing the Mother Wound & Love…

I had a heartwarming and very emotional healing yesterday that took me by surprise.

For the last little while I have been very low energetically and felt like I was drowning, struggling to keep my head above water. I felt a deep sadness that was very hard to bear and felt I would be never get past it. There wasn’t one particular thing I could put my finger on that would make me feel this way. Yesterday it all became clear.

I was taken back to a past life in the year 1630 in provincial France. My mother was pregnant with me and her circumstances were difficult. She had no education, she was a simple farm girl, I say girl because she was 14 years old, my father was also 14yo. They found themselves in a situation where they were expecting a baby and the father decided he couldn’t take on that responsibility and ran away.

As the pregnancy progressed my mothers family accepted that this was the way it was and prepared as best they could. When it was close to the time for me to be born my mother started bleeding and for some reason, on her own walked down to the stream by the farmhouse where she lost consciousness, fell down on the edge of the stream and just after giving birth to me, passed away.

Her father found her there and when he realised she had already passed away he cut the cord that I was still joined to her with, placed me in some type of bag, weighed it down with stones from the stream &and threw the bag into the stream. At that point I was barely alive and my soul was still in my body. As the bag sunk I struggled for air and my soul struggled to free itself from my body. As I sunk further down under the cold water my soul at last broke free and crossed over straight away.

All the time I could see this playing out in my minds eye and I could see my beautiful mother as she passed away. My healer & I got very emotional and I felt a wave of love flow from my heart to my mother. She told me there was no forgiveness needed as nothing was done with malice or intent and it was all about the deep healing we all needed. She also told me she had been waiting for so long to heal this event from hundreds and hundreds of years ago. She was sending me deep gratitude for healing this and told me she was now free.

She had progressed to another dimension and told me she was going to help me from there in my future work. I visualised a star and she said she had now become a star and would introduce new abilities and assistance to me from that place. The amount of ancestral healing I have done in the last few years is amazing and to be honest I am completely exhausted.

Today I woke up feeling like a huge burden had been lifted from my being and I have done a massive release. I have also felt her around me as I have gone through my day. It’s such a feeling of love and relief at the same time, I can’t explain, I will be having star tattoo done while I am in Bali, for my beautiful French mother, Sarah ❤️


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