Death. Dying. And the Final Journey…

I am often asked what happens when people go through the process of dying & when we pass away. The following is some experiences I have had with this….

A couple of years ago I assisted a friends mother to go through the transition & it was an amazing experience. I could see her going back & forth between the worlds, like she was feeling her way. Fortunately she was not frightened in any way by what was happening which made it easier for me. I was very in tune with her & she kept giving me visions. I could see her family standing around her hospital bed! They had come to help her cross over. Rarely do souls cross over alone, there is always someone to guide them. If not a family member, a guide will come & help them. I was with her for 12 hours & could feel her getting closer. She passed away 6 hours after I left the hospital, my friend was still with her.

The process of dying can excruciating for the people that have nursed a sick person for some time or watched a loved one waste away but this time is necessary as we all have a part in the transition. It’s important for the person experiencing this as they need to go through stages of preparation to enter the spirit world. We standing by also move through stages of grief while being with the unwell person. Please know that they are always aware that you are there. I can’t tell you how many times spirits have told me what was going on before they passed over & when I pass on that info to their relatives it brings them great comfort.

This picture is exactly what happens & though upon first glance it is sad, for me I see so much love & acceptance. It is a time for forgiveness & making peace. A heartfelt time for all. Sometimes we need to release the sick person so they may cross over, they will try & hold on for us so we need to accept it is time for them to go. I did this with a friend 12 years ago, once I told her it was ok to let go she relaxed & passed away 2 hours later.

My experience with death started when I was very young. I trained as a Nurse in a ‘Home of Peace’, a hospice where terminally ill people came to die, I was 18 years old & terrified. That was until a Charge Nurse named Raelene made me sit with a man that had no family & was dying. She told me to help him, I had no idea what she meant at the time so I sat with him. I still remember his face clearly, how he was breathing & the odour as he transitioned. I sat in that semi dark room for hours & held his hand until he stopped breathing. I felt a strange calm come over me & I took a while before I went & told her that he was gone. I could feel he wasn’t there anymore but I didn’t understand why.

When all my abilities came to the fore I knew why I had spent the time I had with the dying & I knew I could help both the living, the dying & souls that had passed over. I love the work I do. It brings me much joy to connect people with their loved ones & I like having a joke with the cheeky peeps on the other side. I have the best job, I really do ❤️


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