The Moon. Sea of the Unconscious. Our greatest wound. Addiction and Soul Agreements…

Musings of a Psychic Medium...

In the Moon Tarot card there is a vast sea pictured in the foreground, this represents our unconscious. In its depths are all our memories, our past, our pain and our greatest wound. Way down at the bottom where the crayfish dwells is our ‘stuff’ which is usually tightly bound up in a box of our own making. It is a courageous person that willingly takes the journey down to into the murky depths to retrieve their ‘stuff’. It is essential that we go down to these depths and bring out that box so we can see it by the light of the Moon. If we don’t our ‘stuff’ will gain power & pop into our awareness at the most inconvenient times. It just doesn’t just go away, it must be dealt with.

For many, the fear of going down into the sea of the unconscious is more frightening than…

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